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Patient Education

Patient Education

Depending on your condition, this page offers a variety of educational materials that may help you learn about a condition or discover what questions to ask your physician. Please remember that these materials do not substitute for personal care received from a physician consultation. As always, if you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 9-1-1 or report immediately to the nearest emergency center.

Ablation office information sheet
Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy 
Bowel preparation
Bowel problems 
Breast self exam
Continuous oral contraceptive pill use
Copay Office Notice 
Dentist information in pregnancy 
Endometrial Biopsy 
Flu Information 
Genetic Amniocentesis 
Hormone alternatives
Hyperemesis - nausea and vomiting - of pregnancy
Kegel excercises for the bladder
Labor & Fetal Movement & Blood pressure instructions 
Lupron side effects
Medical release
Metoclopramide for breast feeding
Obstetric patient information
Office insurance Lab notice 
Ovary cysts 
Patient information notice 
Patient information physician names notice 
Patient office self questionnaire 
Patient Welcome form 
Pelvic pain questionnare 1 of 3 
Pelvic pain questionnare 2 of 3 
Pelvic pain questionnare 3 of 3
Preconception counselling
Prementrual syndrome
Prenatal Genetic Questionnaire 
Semen analysis
Sexual dysfunction
Summer pregnancy
Vagintis Bacterial 
Vulva and skin biopsy consent & instructions 
Vulvar care

Patient Consents

Depending on your treatment, you may be asked to complete one or more of these forms and bring it with you on your next office visit. If you have been asked by a member of the office staff to complete a form(s), please fill the form out completely and legibly. If you have any questions about these forms, please contact the office by phone at: 508-583-4961 (Brockton Office).

Ablation Office Consent 
General Office Consent
IUD Consent
Nexplanon Consent
Obstetric Consent Form 
Pain medication contract 
Pain medicaiton weaning consent 
Surgical Consent - Vaginal delivery after cesarean section
Surgical Consent - Maternal request cesarean section 
Surgical Consent - Laparoscopy 
Surgical Consent - Hysterectomy 
Surgical Consent - Robotic Hysterectomy
Surgical Consent - General
Surgical Consent - D&C and Hysteroscopy
Surgical Consent - D&E for miscarriage
Vulva and skin biopsy consent